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The Effects of Gravity      There are a few people who stress that when they're outside, on the off chance that they don't keep a great hold on the ground, they'll simply go hurling off into space. They needn't generally stress about this, since gravity for the most part shields that kind of thing from occurring. The thing is, nobody is extremely certain what causes gravity, yet the impacts have been concentrated by numerous physicists and cosmologists. Three of the more evident impacts of gravity are things falling down, weight, and the moon and planets remaining in their circles.      Things tumble down. Individuals have commonly developed to acknowledge that in the event that one relinquishes one's valued and important course reading when strolling through a mud puddle, the book will perpetually end up in the puddle and in this way be deprived of all worth and even readability. Things tumble down in light of the fact that there is a solid gravitational fascination between things of extraordinary mass, similar to the Earth, and things of minimal mass, similar to a book. The main issue with this moderately basic clarification is that nobody truly realizes why it resembles that. What individuals have made sense of so far is that gravity is a power, and a power is whatever changes the condition of rest or movement of an article. Without outside powers, the energy of a framework stays consistent. This implies if there was no gravity, when one would give up one's hang on the reading material, it would stay very still noticeable all around. On the off chance that a power follows up on a body, the body quickens toward the power. In the case of the power of gravity, little things like course books are pulled descending toward the focal point of the enormous mass of the Earth, not up into space, regardless of whether a few people feel this may occur.                                                    Torgerson 2      Isaac Newton was the first to imagine weight as the gravitational fascination between a body and the Earth. The power that outcomes from the gravitational fascination of the Earth on bodies at its surface is the thing that we call weight. Science has decided to gauge the mass of articles in units that are generally proportional to the heaviness of those items on Earth. For instance, if a reading material gauges four beats on Earth, it would have a mass of four pounds in a circling spaceship. The reading material would be "weightless" on the grounds that it does not feel the gravitational fascination of the Earth, in any case, even in space, to push the

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The Impossibility of Religious Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Impossibility of Religious Freedom - Essay Example The contentions prompting the assurance of the case are in themselves reminiscent of the position taken by Sullivan. The court’s assurance contention, the free strict act of rights must be founded on a truly held strict belief†¦Moreover, that Holt demonstrated it, by being neither slight nor eccentric with principles of Islam is subjective. The contention as clarified by Sullivan basically implies that it rests with the courts to discuss and build up whether the strictly spurred rehearses are getting a charge out of security under the principal correction of the constitution. The court needed to decide the development of mustache was earnestly and really inspired by the Islam religion. The condition in itself adds up to an infringement of the strict opportunity as in the cross examination of authenticity. Sullivan capably underpins his position that â€Å"through grilling the authenticity of strict conduct in this first occasion, the court in a general sense annihilates the general concept of strict opportunity. He proceeds, By requiring validation of the strict inspiration, the courts broaden free exercise proviso onto the conduct that is legitimized by uprightness of outside evidences like holy messages, administrative proclamations, far reaching adherence or authentic convention. The contention infers that by the courts endeavoring to extend the extent of free practice, to suit all the abstract and unverified cases of rousing religion, they hazard exposing all the laws to special cases.

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Common Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Control Systems - 550 Words

Common Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Control Systems (Case Study Sample) Content: Common Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Control Systems Name Institution Instructor Date Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems Industrial control systems face various vulnerabilities, which may occur both within and outside the network of the control system. These vulnerabilities arise from various sources, mainly due to the operations and communications carried out by these control systems. The inefficiencies or the lack of administration and security governance, inadequate funds to ensure proper system management, and the attrition of employees in the automation of the control system could also expose the system to these vulnerabilities (Stamp, Dillinger, Young, DePoy, 2003). In addition, the vulnerabilities may arise due to external attacks due to the individuals outside the system, who take advantage of the loopholes in the network being used by the control system. Being able to understand the vulnerabilities that the industrial controls systems at PureLand Wastewater will ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to mitigate them. PureLand Wastewater faces threats and vulnerabilities in their ICS. A major threat is that the company has not established the sensitivity levels of the data that is circulated in their system. Most secure systems are determined by the ability to classify and identify the data into their appropriate categories based on how sensitive they are to the organization. Failure to establish such distinction makes it hard to determine where the precautions could be applied or data segments that requires more security. Most ICS systems become vulnerable due to lack of effective security administration, mainly due to the absence of effective policies to help in system administration (Stamp, Dillinger, Young, DePoy, 2003). The lack of policies on security leads to lack of measurability and self-perpetuation of security, which in turn makes the network more vulnerable to external threats. For the prevention of these vulnerabilities, the organization should apply procedures that enhance security administration making it effective and instills coherence. This is done through the implementation of security plans and training, implementing guides, as well as auditing the system controls to enforce security. The architecture of the control system could make it more vulnerable due to the physical infrastructural damages or architectural designs that weaken the protection of the system data. In addition, the networks and links that are used to convey data or signals within the organization may expose it to security vulnerabilities. The platforms that are used could also endanger the data shared within the organization due to harm that may arise form incidences within the company. The use of passwords does not always guarantee the protection of the data as these may be accessed and lead to damages. The failure by the company to collect or examine the system logs could cause the system to become vulnerable and possible loss of vital i...

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Gender Stereotypes in Little Red Cap and The Grandmother

The folk tale of â€Å"Little Red Riding Hood† has numerous variations and interpretations depending on what recorded version is being read or analyzed. â€Å"Little Red Cap,† by the Grimm Brothers, and â€Å"The Grandmother,† as collected by Achille Millien, are different in numerous ways: the depth of the narrative structure, characters involved, length – yet, the moral lesson is largely unchanged between the two versions. One of the more glaring differences between the two versions is the way that the narrator and the actions of the characters are used to describe the young girl, female, and the wolf, male. Being either female or male are matters of biological makeup. The characteristics of femininity and masculinity that are associated with being†¦show more content†¦The majority of the story is reiterated through dialogue that allows the girl’s words, but also her actions, to speak of her â€Å"sweetness,† or lack thereof, rathe r than an arbiter such as the narrator. The reader must decide whether or not the actions of the young girl are of merit. For example, the story begins, â€Å"There was a woman who had made some bread. She said to her daughter, ‘Go and carry a hot loaf and a bottle of milk to your grandmother. So the little girl set forth† (Millien). It is safe for the reader to assume that the young girl is obedient because that is all the reader has seen of the young girl, she has not taken any other action and there is not a narrator who prescribes any other attribute. The lack of a narrator preemptively assigning causal relation between the young girl’s action and her reception in the community allows the act of obedience to represent a virtuous quality, rather than a virtuous quality that is inherently feminine, as the Grimm brother version does with the quality of being â€Å"sweet.† After defining the young girl as â€Å"sweet† in the Grimm version the mother gives the girl instructions to take cake and wine to the ailing grandmother. The instructions given by the mother are, â€Å"Mind your manners and give her my greetings. Behave yourself on the way, and do not leave the path, or your might fall down and break the glass [. . .]† (Grimm). The instructions given by the mother indicateShow MoreRelatedComparison Of Little Red Riding Hood And Beauty And The Beast 1486 Words   |  6 PagesCompare and Contrast the ways in which modern authors have re-imagined traditional narratives for their own purposes. Original fairy tales such as Perrault’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ or De Beaumont’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’ depict women as both socially and physically inferior – they reflect a hegemonic patriarchal social structure that restricted female voice and independence in order to maintain the status quo. In ‘The Bloody Chamber’ Angela Carter effectively draws out the theme of feminism byRead MoreMandinka Empire21578 Words   |  87 PagesJumbo. The Mumbo Jumbo, first reported by the English explorer Francis Moore in 1738, is an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century mask roughly synonymous, and concurrent, with the Mandinka kangkurao mask, in which the wearer covers himself with the blood-red bark of the fara tree.25 Following the zenith of the ancient Mali empire from ca. 1250 to ca. 1350, Mandinka emigrant/traders, warriors, and their Islamic proselytizing marabouts, spread westward along the Gambia River and into the upper Casamanc e RiverRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 Pagesactually allows you to answer the question more easily. Many people fail to reflect on their weaknesses and to delve deeply enough into the lessons they have learned. I assure you, you do not have to be Superman-to get into business schooL Reveal a little of your Clark Kent side. In doing so, you will not only address each component of the essay topic but you will also, and more importantly, become a more interesting applicant. There is no particular calculus behind what type of anecdote to pick. JustRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pages247 . . . . . 273 . . . . . 278 . . . . . 284 . . . . . 286 . . . . . 359 . . . . . 378 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 383 389 394 399 . . . . . 469 Preface Thirty years ago, when the first edition of this book was published, little had been written about the management of libraries and information centers. Those seeking advice, examples, and information about how to manage libraries were forced to search for answers in the literature of public administration or business managementRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesway for each worker to perform an assigned task. The result was that each worker performed one narrow, specialized task, such as bolting on the door or attaching the door handle, and jobs in the Ford car plant became very repetitive. They required little use of a worker’s skills.1 Ford’s management approach increased efï ¬ ciency and reduced costs by so much that by 1920 he was able to reduce the price of a car by two-thirds and to sell more than 2 million cars a year.2 Ford became the leading car company

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Globalization Is A Source Of Anxiety Essay - 1524 Words

We live in a world where, with every day that passes, more and more of the barriers that isolate us from the rest of the globe are being dismantled. But what implications does the process of globalization have with regards to its effects on real people in real time? Given the vastly different political and economic climates of different societies around the world, as well as the vast differences between class groups within individual societies, this issue is not as simple as pointing to an individual ethnographic example and stating ‘globalisation affects all of humanity in this way’. There are clearly going to be varying degrees of positive and negative implications, depending on the society in question. Arjun Appadurai identifies globalization as a source of anxiety for many in the academic world of the United States. He specifically refers to the fears of social scientists, that increased wealth through markets and deregulation is accompanied by increased economic ine quality (Appadurai 2000: 1). Economic inequality has become a fairly prominent issue in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, which caused massive job losses, which in turn has led to greater and more prominent economic inequality. The anxieties that Appadurai attributes to the social science community can therefore be said to be, at least in part, completely founded. But is this inequality a result of globalisation as a whole? Or is it a result of the mechanism which drives it? In the case of thoseShow MoreRelatedThe Study of Modernism and Globalization1744 Words   |  7 Pages(2006:35). Its effects are dramatically different depending on geopolitical situations, peoples and countries. For the wealthiest countries it is a source of an ever increasing profit, whether it is culturally, economically, or financially speaking. On the contrary, for the rest of the world, and interestingly enough the largest part of it, â€Å"it is a source of worry about inclusion, jobs, and dee per marginalisation† (2006:35) and through this feeling of marginalisation is the great fear of being excludedRead MoreHybridity As The Cultural Effect Of Globalization- Introduction1563 Words   |  7 PagesHybridity as the cultural effect of globalization- Introduction According to Avtar Brah and Annie Coombes, the term hybridity originated as a biological term that was used to describe the outcome of a crossing of two or more plants or species. It is now a term that is used for a wide range of social and cultural phenomena involving mixing, and has become a key concept within cultural criticism and post-colonial theory (A. Brah and A.E. Coombes. 2000.). Marwan Kraidy defines the term as theRead MoreContemporary Landscape Of Crime, Order And Control : Governance, Risk And Globalization Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The article under review is â€Å"Contemporary Landscape of Crime, Order and control: Governance, Risk and Globalization†. The article is coauthored by two esteemed individuals with a solid background in related studies these individuals are Ian Loader and Richards Sparks. According to the introductory portion of the article, the authors intend to use the article to highlight and discuss the pertinent and imminent changes in the landscape of criminology around the world with respect to theRead MoreTaking a Look at a Writing Survey913 Words   |  4 Pageswriting survey is a content composed by somebody to think about the basic purposes of current learning including substantive discoveries, and hypothetical and methodological commitments to a specific point. Expositive expression surveys are optional sources, and thusly, dont report any new or unique test work. Additionally, a writing survey could be translated as an audit of an unique achievement. Regularly connected with scholastic situated expositive expression, for example, a proposition or associateRead MoreNon Regular Workers : A Growing Reliance On Irregular Workers1381 Words   |  6 Pagesforce of unionization may owe to the fact that there has been an increase in technological change from globalization where there has been more demand for high skilled laborers, causing a decline in labor unions formed by the lower income sector. A lesser demand of these workers means a drop in solidarity which makes them lose impact. Taiwan Income Inequality Globalization has been one big source of the rising income inequality in Taiwan. Until the 1980s, Taiwan initiated a dual-track trade regimeRead MoreGlobalization and Organizational Behavior1049 Words   |  5 PagesTo be successful in today’s global market, managers and leaders need to understand more than just technical skills. Managers and leaders should also understand globalization and organizational behavior. Globalization is the tendency of businesses, technologies, or philosophies to spread throughout the world, or the process of making this happen. The global economy is sometimes referred to as a globality, characterized as a totally interconnected marketplace, unhampered by time zones or national boundariesRead MoreMedia And Communication1595 Words   |  7 Pageswith everyday tasks might fall to the wayside and fall apart. Updates to daily lives on social media has definitely taken place of the annual Christmas letter. Media as a primary communication also gives t he satisfaction of instant reply and helps anxiety this way. We could say that our identity is largely what we pretend to be in our media, what we show on the outside. It is who we tell others we are showing what matters to us with media such as social media, texts, videos and photos. Sometimes whoRead MoreCase Study: Problems at Perrier1054 Words   |  5 Pageswhere, and for how much they can sell their produce. Globalization has drawn every nation into a single economic system, and through social media, many of us are now participating in a mediated social system as well. As a result, every company’s strategy must address a globalized market in which increasing numbers of people are participating in social and business communities that transcend national boundaries. The power and impact of globalization means that it’s essential for every company to understandRead MoreThe Transformation Of The Multinational Corporation953 Words   |  4 PagesINTRODUCTION Globalization can be define as a process where regional economies, societies and cultures have become integrated through a globe-planning network of communication and trade. In my own point of view, management has stimulated the entire affair of modern business and trade.  · The Multinational Corporation Management as greatly influence the affairs of multinational corporation in sense that people come to gether to do business thereby there is always a high spirit of corporationRead MorePolitical and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Essay1335 Words   |  6 Pagesperson thinks, feels, and performs. Some of the illness that one experiences is depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar. These diseases can stem from birth, past or present experiences, others, or their current surroundings. Unfortunately, because of the job market dropping, it has pushed more people into a depression mode. For some of these individuals, they were the income source for their home. Not acquiring the finances needed to provide for their families could cause one

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Question: Discuss About The Journal Of Law Society Of New South Wales? Answer: Introducation The current case study is based on the determination of the income tax return for the Percy Grainger. There are certain assumptions in determining accounting income tax consequences which are as follows; Salary received by Percy will be considered as the assessable income under the section 6-5 of the ITAA 1997. The total amount of dividend that is received by Percy will be included in the taxable income of Percy. Additionally, the franking credit that is attached to the dividend will be subjected 30% deductions of the sum received (Buchanan and Consett 2016). The determination of the capital gains is subjected to 50% discount under the discount method from the sales proceeds. Additionally, Percy would be entitled to deductions for expenses incurred on attending the seminar under section 8-1 of the ITAA 1997. According to the section 8-1 of the ITAA 1997 an individual incurring expenditure on traveling that is entirely related to the business or work purpose would be entitled to claim an allowable deduction for the same (Richards 2014). Therefore, Percy would be entitled to claim an allowable deduction for the expenses incurred on travelling. Percy has occurred expenses on accountant fees for preparing tax. Therefore, according to the Australian taxation office Charlie would be entitled to claim an allowable deduction for the accountant fees incurred on preparing tax return. Reference List: Buchanan, R. and Consett, E., 2016. Section 974-80 ITAA97: The current state of play.taxation-law Specialist,19(5), p.217. Richards, R., 2014. Taxation: economics share schemes.Law Society Journal: the official journal of the Law Society of New South Wales,52(3), p.40.

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Swimming Essays - Underwater Breathing Apparatus,

Swimming This Essay will illustrate some of the basic aspects of scuba diving. It will show the steps involved in assembling the scuba gear. The price range of scuba gear. The basic principles of diving, and were to go to get certified in scuba diving. It will also reveal some fun things that can be done while diving . The assembly of the scuba gear is very simple. First have your tank filled to the recommended amount of pressure (usually 3000 psi). Take the tank with the valve handle to the right, and set it in front of you. Next take the Buoyancy Compensator (B.C.) and attach it to the tank by putting the straps around the tank and tightening them. After the tank is secure, check to make sure that the Oring on the valve of the tank is in place and in good condition. loosen the first stage of the regulator and place it over the valve of the tank. Then tighten the first stage securely, but not overly tight. Attach your octopus to the B.C. Then Pick up the pressure gauge and point it away from the body, and others. Turn the handle on the tank, to supply the regulator and gauges with air pressure. The gauges are pointed away from the body to avoid injury if the gauge were to malfunction. Listen for any leaks, and read the gauge and make sure that it is some what close to the pressure that was put in to the tank. Last you need to inflate the B.C.,and purge the regulator to make sure that they work properly. The gear is now ready to be used. Scuba gear is very affordable. Scuba gear can be purchased new for as little as $299. For $299 you can get a regulator, B.C., and a pressure gauge, this is the bare minimum of what you need(Divers unlimited). Next up is $499, for this amount you get all above plus a depth gauge, and for $589 you also get a octopus(Divers Unlimited). There are many other setups you can purchase for around the same amount, and more. I found Divers unlimited to have the best over all prices. There are many places to get certified in scuba diving, but there are also many things to consider. First, there is the price, usually from $150 for a basic course up to $400 for a private course. The $150 course offered at B&B Aquatic Adventures, Inc. consists of Three to 4 class sessions and two to 3 pool sessions. It also includes 4 ocean dives. The $400 course offered at Urge 2 Submerge can be completed in as little as four days, and is worked completely around your schedule. It consist of 9 hours of class room study and 9 hours of pool time. It also includes 4 ocean dives. With all of the courses the ocean dives must be completed in pairs of two dives, on 2 separate days. The Scuba gear is suppled with all of the courses with the exception of a mask, fins, snorkel, weight belt, and weights. There are a variety of price between the above that offer various times and days to meet your needs. The one major rule of diving is to always breath. This means never hold your breath. At different depths in the water air is compressed in your lungs. This pressure can cause serious injury if it were to build up in the lungs due to a sudden rise in depth. For every 33 feet in depth the air in your lungs decreases by half. Thus the air in the lungs doubles for every 33 feet that one rises. So if you take a full breath and then rise up in the water with out exhaling, the pressure increases and may explode the lungs. There are many fun things to do while scuba diving. My favorite is to collect tropical fish for my fish tank. Tropical fish are very expensive, but not all that hard to catch. all you need is a net , tickle stick, gloves, and bait bucket. The net should be make out of some kind of transparent plastic with small enough holes so